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Comforth Nano-Mister

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Fresh look all day

Fresh skin and voluminous hair on the go with our fine Nano Mister. The unique technology distributes water particles so you can quickly moisturize and refresh your face on hot and dry days. Additionally, the compact design makes it suitable for carrying around with you wherever you go.


✔️ Hydrate your skin instantly
it is not uncommon for our skin to feel dehydrated on a hot summer day or after
consistent hours of work behind a computer. With a Comforth Nano Mister in your
bag, you can always give your skin new life, no matter where you are.

✔️ Elegant and compact design
Our Nano Mister is designed elegantly and is available in three different colors so you can express your personal style with the color you choose. The compact design makes it easy to carry in your bag or pocket. It is the perfect partner during road trips, at the office or even at home.

✔️ Suitable for all skintypes
Our Nano Mister is 100% safe to use anywhere on the body and is suitable for all skin types. The cooling mist has an anti-inflammatory effect and helps with redness or irritation, so that your skin is refreshed and glows from within.

✔️ Perfect for lashes
If you have eyelash extensions, our Nano Mister is a must when applying them. It helps the glue harden much faster, and significantly reduces the risks of allergic reactions.

The Nano Mister emits a nice, cooling steam and can be used anywhere and anytime.


If there's one thing your body loves, it's hydration. This is especially true when it comes to the skin, which becomes visibly fresh and glowy when it is properly moisturised.

With our Nano Mister, you always have that moisture with you on the go. Therefore, you can mist up and refresh skin and hair whenever you need it. Especially on hot days, if you are sitting in the office or perhaps on the train or bus, it is incredibly nice to be able to cool yourself with the steam.

In addition to the soothing and cooling sensation, many people find that the moisture from a Nano Mister penetrates deep into the skin and deeply hydrates the skin. It keeps the skin tight and soft, as well as reducing irritation, redness and fine lines.

You can easily use your Nano Mister even if you are wearing make-up - the fine water vapor is completely makeup-friendly.


Eyelash extensions have become incredibly popular because they give a feminine and defined look. If you are one of those who use eyelash extensions, then a Nano Mister is for you.

It can be used to moisten and thus harden the glue you use for the lashes much faster than would otherwise be the case. Some experience irritation and allergic reactions due to the strong lash glue, but this risk is significantly reduced as the glue hardens faster.

Whether you are applying eyelashes to yourself or others, it will be much more convenient and effective with a Nano Mister. It will also be more pleasant, as the water vapor can remove odors from the glue more quickly.


In other words, our Comforth Nano Mister is your new best friend on the go, traveling or at home. If you feel like your look needs a refresh or you're feeling a bit tired, a little cool mist on your face can do wonders.

It is easy to use and does not require much other than that you fill it with fresh water. Then you are well prepared for the hot summer days and any dry environments.